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North Ayrshire Vacant and Derelict Land Strategy

In 2021, 12% of all vacant and derelict land in Scotland was identified in North Ayrshire, one of the highest proportions of any Scottish Local Authority.

Combined, the Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Register and Buildings at Risk Register identify over 250 sites, mostly in private ownership which require redevelopment.

These sites are subject to a legacy of issues, including:

  • undermining
  • contamination
  • deterioration
  • major industrial closures

Reasons for a lack of redevelopment include; economic, locational, or physical constraints. However, a lack of financial viability remains a common theme.

Progress has been made towards the re-use of sites, including steps to regenerate Strategic Development Areas identified in the North Ayrshire Local Development Plan. However, many sites continue to have a substantial impact on our communities and represent local priorities for action.

A refresh of the North Ayrshire Vacant and Derelict Land Strategy, originally published in 2014, provides an opportunity to review the themes, aspirations, and challenges of vacant and derelict land in North Ayrshire.

The 2023-2027 Vacant and Derelict Land Strategy will consider how vacant and derelict land fits within the wider context of National and Local priorities and objectives, including:

  • community wealth building
  • the challenge of net zero
  • the climate emergency

The draft 2023-27 Vacant and Derelict Land Strategy (PDF, 5.6mb) has been developed following stakeholder and local community consultation. It proposes themes and actions to address the issues of vacant and derelict land within our communities.

An interactive Storymap details sites that are registered by Scottish Government as vacant and derelict.

Please submit any questions to regeneration@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.