British Sign Language

The British Sign Language (BSL) (Scotland) Act 2015 requires public bodies in Scotland to publish plans every six years. These plans show how they will promote and support BSL.

Our BSL Local Plan was developed in 2018, in partnership with:  

  • Ayrshire College
  • East, North and South Ayrshire Councils
  • East, North and South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnerships 
  • NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Below is our interim 3 year review that you will find in both PDF and BSL versions:

View the first BSL Local Plan summary (PDF, 397kb) and full version (PDF, 5.2mb).

You can watch the playlist of signed videos on YouTube or in the player below.

Based upon the Scottish Government Plan, the BSL Local Plan sets out ten long-term goals for BSL in Ayrshire, covering:

  • Public Services
  • Early Years 
  • School Education
  • Post-School Education
  • Training and Work
  • Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Transport
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Justice
  • Democracy

It describes the actions the eight partners, mentioned previously, will take between 2018 and 2024 to make progress towards these goals.


Contact Andrew Hale, Equality and Health Policy Officer if you have any questions about the plan:, 01294 324148.

If you have any questions relating to support for a sensory impairment please contact our Sensory Impairment team at: 01294 552771 or text them: 07824 837078.

For BSL users, if calling, we recommend using the Contact Scotland BSL Video Relay Service.