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North Ayrshire Council Plan

Our Council Plan 2023 to 2028

A British Sign Language (BSL) version of our Council Plan video is available.

We have committed to a five-year plan that will deliver the priorities of our communities during the next five years. Our Council Plan 2023 to 2028 (PDF, 7.5mb) was developed alongside our communities and shows how we will deliver our aim of a North Ayrshire that is fair for all.

The ’Our’ in ‘Our Council Plan’ refers to both the Council and our residents as it was jointly created and will be delivered in partnership. Our residents are at the heart of our plan, our mission is working together to improve the lives of our people in North Ayrshire.

Our four priorities are:

  • Wellbeing – to transition to a wellbeing economy, delivering prosperity, wellbeing and resilience for local people.
  • Communities and Local Democracy – we will have active, inclusive and resilient communities.
  • Climate Change – achieving net-zero by 2030.
  • A Sustainable Council – a Community Wealth Building Council that is efficient and accessible, maximising investment and focusing resources towards our priorities.

We are aware that many of the issues we face in North Ayrshire are extremely complex and will take longer than five years to resolve. With this in mind, each Council Plan builds on previous progress to help address areas such as child poverty in our communities and climate change.

In a joint statement, Council Leader Marie Burns and Chief Executive Craig Hatton said: “This plan is not simply a document, it is our living contract with our communities in North Ayrshire. It is the most important plan for our Council as it contains the priorities of our residents, it is our joint plan, ‘Our Council Plan’. Our Council Plan explains how we will meet our communities’ needs and expectations over the next five years. It helps steer resources to the areas that can make the greatest difference to the lives of our people in North Ayrshire both now and in the future.”

We report on our progress every six months and would welcome your feedback. The reports are in a magazine style and can be found on our website.

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