Roads structures

Structures are an integral part of the road network and are needed to maintain and connect communities, assist economic activity and allow the safe passage of modern heavy vehicles.

Structures maintenance

The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 requires all roads authorities to keep a register of all roads and associated structures.

We maintain a database of all roads related structures, including:

  • those for which the council has a statutory responsibility
  • those which are privately owned by the likes of Network Rail

Generally, the service is not responsible for maintaining private structures. There are approximately 580 structures in the database, which are maintained by the service.

To ensure these structures are fit for purpose a programme of inspection, testing and monitoring is carried out. This data is used to prioritise and establish an effective programme of maintenance and repair.

This maintenance programme aims to repair damage caused by deterioration, vehicle strike or vandalism. Defects which are an immediate danger are actioned on the same day, or as soon as practicable thereafter.

Bridge weight limits and height restrictions

Bridges within the network which are not suitable for certain vehicle weights or heights have restrictions applied and are monitored. This regime is in place to ensure they continue to remain open to traffic until they are suitably improved or replaced.

Abnormal loads 

This service is also responsible for assessing and approving the movement of heavy, wide and long vehicles which cross structures in the road network. This is essential to ensure these types of vehicles are restricted to roads with sufficient capacity and do not cause damage.