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Local Housing Strategy

North Ayrshire Council's draft Local Housing Strategy 2017-22 (PDF, 2.4mb) details how the council and its partners will tackle challenges and issues within the local housing system, during the lifetime of the strategy.

The draft stage of this strategy was open for consultation from 22 February to 18 April 2017. 

The strategy was developed through a process of research and consultation. Local housing challenges and issues were identified as a result of the findings from the 'Housing Need and Demand Assessment' and 8 'Local Housing Strategy' research papers:

The strategy is 'outcome focused'. Partners will work together to ensure these objectives are met:

  • the supply and quality of housing better meets needs and aspirations
  • homeless is prevented and households supported to achieve sustainable outcomes
  • housing support measures promote independent living
  • housing is sustainable and contributes to stable communities
  • high quality housing information and advice is easy to access
  • the strategic process is open, transparent and accountable.

Housing Need and Demand Assessment

The Housing Need and Demand Assessment (PDF 1.43mb) provides an evidence base to inform the Local Housing Strategy and Development Plan. It supports the following areas of housing policy and planning:

  • Housing Supply Targets - these targets set out the amount and type of housing which needs to be delivered
  • Stock management - to assist our understanding of the current and future demand for housing by size, type, tenure and location, to maximise the effectiveness of existing housing stock
  • Housing investment - to inform future housing investment decisions
  • Specialist Provision - to inform the provision and use of specialist housing and housing-related services to enable independent living for all
  • Geographic distribution of land - to inform the spatial allocation of land through the Development Plan.

The North Ayrshire Housing Need & Demand Assessment 2016 has been assessed as 'robust & credible' by the Scottish Government's Centre for Housing Market Analysis.

Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP)

Our Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2018 - 23 (PDF, 381kb) sets out the affordable housing investment priorities within North Ayrshire, to help achieve the strategic outcomes in the Local Housing Strategy 2018 – 23.  

SHIP is reviewed annually.