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Parental Involvement Strategy 

In North Ayrshire we believe that good partnerships between parents and schools are key to getting the best outcomes for our children.

The Parental Involvement Strategy (PDF, 1.43mb) aims to help all parents and families to be:

  • involved in their child's education and learning
  • welcomed as active participants in the life of the school
  • able to support their child's learning at home
  • encouraged to express their views on education and work in partnership with schools and early years centres

Principles of the strategy:

  • parents, pupils and all staff are partners in the education process and each have a role to play
  • real parental involvement can only take place when everyone commits to developing an ethos of trust and respect
  • parents and families are the most important influence on their child's attitudes, behaviour and achievement - good parental involvement will influence this in a positive way
  • all parents must be encouraged to take part in parental involvement and consultation

Here's what parents told us:

  • 71% of parents felt they were involved in their child's education and learning
  • 84% of parents felt welcomed into the school
  • 78% of parents were confident to express their views about education to schools
  • 62% of parents received information on how to help their child's learning at home
  • 46% of parents felt their views were represented through the Parent Council  
  • 71% of parents felt well informed about the curriculum
  • 74% of parents felt well informed about their child's progress and learning

What we need to do to improve:

  • share the content of the Parental Involvement Strategy more widely with all parents in a simpler format
  • schools need to continue to develop ways to involve parents
  • parents need to be supported and encouraged to play a more active role in decision making
  • Parent Councils need to develop strategies to involve all parents
  • communication needs to be improved at all levels

We will do this by:

  • communicating the Parental Involvement Strategy to parents and explain the part they play in it
  • providing training and information for schools, parents and Parent Councils
  • providing opportunities for parents to become more involved in their child's learning
  • continuing to improve communication by exploring successful practice and making use of the variety of methods available

Becoming involved

Speak to the Head Teacher of the school. They will give you details of the Parent Council and the contact for the Parent Council Chair.

If you do not want to be involved directly in the Parent Council there are still many ways you can be involved in the life of the school:

  • becoming a parent helper
  • help out at trips or other school events
  • share your skills with the school
  • share your ideas with the school

Your child will benefit from your involvement.