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Council & democracy

A UK Parliamentary General Election has been called for Thursday 4 July 2024.


Find out about your council and the elected Members in North Ayrshire, including their contact information


Have your say on consultations in North Ayrshire

Committees & meetings

Information about the council and its committees, how decisions are made and your rights to attend meetings of the council and its committees.

Watch Council meetings

View live and archived Council meetings and sign up to receive alerts about future live streams.

Voting & elections

Information about elections, electoral registration, results and your representatives

Council information

Includes council structure, public holidays, media inquiries and various facts and figures

Community Wealth Building

Find out about Community Wealth Building, which aims to ensure that wealth is locally owned and benefits local people

Strategies, plans and policies

View strategies, plans and policy documents

Performance and spending

Find out how North Ayrshire Council and its services are performing

Fraud against the Council

Report fraud against North Ayrshire Council

Access to information

Access information, including Freedom of Information (FOI) and Data Protection Act requests

Complaints & feedback

Pay us a compliment, make a suggestion or log a complaint

Community Planning Partnership (CPP)

CPP consists of public, private and third sector agencies working with communities to deliver better services

Public information notices

Check the latest public information notices from North Ayrshire Council