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Fraud against the Council

Fraud in the public sector costs the taxpayers billions of pounds each year. Losses on this scale impact on the provision of public services. 

North Ayrshire Council has a zero-tolerance approach to fraudulent or corrupt activity. Where detected we will investigate, whether perpetrated by employees, elected members, partner organisations, suppliers or service users.

Please read our Counter Fraud and Corruption Strategy (PDF, 157kb).

Types of fraud

Fraud, or corrupt activity, may include:

  • Employee fraud  – theft, embezzlement, bribery
  • Procurement and Contract fraud – influencing the tender process, false/duplicate invoicing
  • Blue badge fraud – fraudulent obtaining or misuse
  • Council tax fraud – giving false information to get discounts or exemptions, not reporting a change in circumstances
  • Non-domestic (business) rate fraud – giving false information to get relief, or falsely declaring a property to be empty
  • Tenancy fraud – giving false information to get housing, unlawful sub-letting, abandonment
  • Insurance fraud – claiming for a non-existent incident or by inflating the cost of damages.
  • Scottish Welfare Fund

Corporate Fraud Team

Our Corporate Fraud Team is a specialist investigative unit to prevent and detect frauds, or attempted frauds, against the council. The team carries out investigations and any enforcement action that is necessary. This may include disciplinary action (fraud perpetrated by an employee), civil court action or criminal prosecution.

Reporting fraud

Anyone with information about suspected fraud should contact the Corporate Fraud Team. You do not have to give your name.

Privacy statement

View our privacy statement (PDF, 60kb) to find out what information we gather and how this is used.

Contact the Corporate Fraud Team




01294 324228




North Ayrshire Council Corporate Fraud Team, 2nd Floor, Cunninghame House, Irvine KA12 8EE

  • Correspondence should be marked "Private and Confidential"
  • If you are calling in person, please report to ground floor reception and ask for a member of the Corporate Fraud Team.