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Dog fouling

Dog fouling should be picked up and disposed of in the nearest litter/dog bin or placed in your household waste bin.

Biodegradable bags can be purchased from most supermarkets, or requested from your local:

  • community centre
  • council office 

Report dog fouling

Report a full dog bin

Find a dog bin

Zoom in (+), click and drag to your local area. Click the blue circles for details about dog bin locations.

Dog fouling is an offence

It's an offence for anyone responsible for a dog not to remove and appropriately dispose of any faeces after the dog has fouled. This includes:

  • pavements and footpaths
  • roads and cycle ways
  • parks and recreational pitches
  • communal land
  • back greens
  • stair closes
  • any open land that the public has access to.

Fines and prosecution

Police Scotland and authorised council officers can prosecute people who are responsible for a dog and do not clean up after it once it has fouled in a public place. Responsibility includes children under the age of 16.

You could receive a fixed penalty of £80.

Pay a fixed penalty

Failure to remove the waste after being issued with a fixed penalty can result in a bill for disposal.

Failure to pay fixed penalties can result in action by Sheriff Officers or the Procurator Fiscal.

For more details, including exceptions, please see Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003.