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Helpful hints for waste
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Helpful hints for waste

Tips to reduce bin congestion - Bin Buddies

Have you got limited space in your bin store or large volumes of bins in your cul de sac or communal space that are only half full or not being used? Then maybe you could benefit from a bin buddy system where you and your neighbours share a bin or suite of bins.

You may want to go even further and decide to have a communal sharing system (there may be a cost incurred for bins), where all the bins in your close, street or cul de sac are shared.

Whilst you would all need to agree to buddying and decide who would be responsible for taking the bins out, we can support you by removing the bins or facilitating discussions.

If you feel you and your neighbours would benefit from such a buddy sharing system, please contact the:

Tips to avoid waste escaping

Every year bins are either blown over in the wind or the lid is blown open allowing waste and recycling to escape onto our streets, marine environment and waterways causing unwanted litter and pollution which in turn can have a devastating effect on marine animals and wildlife. By securing your bin lid you can help to stop waste from polluting the environment, reduce unsightly litter in your area and help to minimise the issues associated with:

  • flies
  • vermin
  • seagulls

gaining access to the waste.

Top tips for helping to avoid waste escaping:

  • Don’t overfill your bin
  • Store bins behind suitable fencing/walls
  • Use bin handle brackets to secure your bin to the wall or fence
  • Use a bungee cord across your bin to keep the bin lid in place
  • Use a simple bike chain (please ensure to remove before servicing)
  • Use a piece of old slab or brick to weigh down your bin lid to stop it blowing open
  • Don’t put your bin out the night before. Bins should be presented at 7am on the day of collection

Some other mechanisms are available online by searching ‘securing my bin’

Please ensure we are able to service whatever secure measure you consider

Tips to reduce theft

Wheeled bins are expensive to replace, please ensure you keep it secure within your property and only place out for collection on your collection day.

Police Scotland recommend the following steps:

  • Add your house number and post code to your bin using paint or marker
  • Keep your bin in your back garden or out of sight in a garage or shed
  • Try to retrieve your bin as soon as possible after the Council have collected
  • Secure your bin by using a chain or bike lock and attaching it in your garage or to your property 

Please ensure we are able to service whatever secure measure you consider

Tips to reduce contamination

  • Be aware of what the Right Stuff is for the Right Bin 
  • Don’t let anyone else use your bin
  • Keep your bin in your property or out of sight in a garage or shed
  • Try to retrieve your bin as soon as possible after the Council have collected
  • Keep the lid closed to reduce rain water ingress