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Please use the following online form to request street cleaning:

Request street cleaning

Cleanliness standards

The Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (Scotland) 2018 (COPLAR) provides local authorities with guidance on delivering on their main cleansing duties (for land under their ownership/responsibility) as set out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (section 89).

These duties are: 

  1. keep land clear of litter and refuse
  2. keep certain roads clean

Our monitoring programme is set out in the Code of Practice. Surveys are carried out throughout the year, and results for each area are graded as follows: 

  • Grade A - no litter or refuse is present on any type of land
  • Grade B - small amounts of litter and refuse
  • Grade C - moderate amounts of litter and refuse, with small accumulations 
  • Grade D - significant amounts of litter and refuse, with consistent distribution and accumulations
  • Grade E - substantial amounts of litter and refuse with significant accumulations
  • Grade F - incidents of fly tipping and hazardous/special waste (drug related waste, broken glass, animal carcasses, car parts, chemicals, and spillages)

The Code of Practice also provides statutory bodies with maximum response times, which are expected to be met for any area observed to be of a Grade B standard or below.

The expected response time becomes shorter as the severity of the litter issue/incident increases. For example, our expected response to a Grade F standard would be faster than our response for a Grade B standard.

Please note: we do not enter private gardens to remove litter etc.