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Grass cutting scheme

Sorry, this service is fully subscribed for 2018.

A service for residents who are unable to cut their grass or hedges themselves. The scheme covers cutting: 

  • grass of an area no bigger than 150 square metres 
  • hedges where they border a path. 

Weeding or planting is not included.

The number of gardens we can include on the scheme is limited. Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. You must apply each year.


Applicants must:

  • permanently live at the property
  • have no physically able person living in the property who could do the work

and meet 1 of the following criteria:

  • be aged 75 or over
  • be aged 65 and over and in receipt of Attendance Allowance (higher rate) or free personal care
  • be aged under 65 and in receipt of Disability Living Allowance mobility (higher rate) or care (highest rate)
  • be aged under 65 and in receipt of Personal Independence Payment mobility (enhanced rate) or daily living component (enhanced rate)


The charge is £64 including VAT. 

Please note: this is a discounted price. North Ayrshire Council covers the rest of full cost of delivering this service.