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Grass cutting scheme

How to apply

Applications for this scheme are now closed for 2024.


The charge for the scheme is £93.60 including VAT.


To be eligible, you must permanently live at the property and:

  • be aged 75 or over
  • be aged 65 or over and in receipt of Attendance Allowance (higher rate) or free personal care
  • be aged under 65 and in receipt of DLA mobility (higher rate) or care (highest rate)
  • be aged under 65 and in receipt of PIP mobility (enhanced rate) or daily living component (enhanced rate)
  • be aged under 65 and in receipt of ADP (enhanced rate)

An assessment of eligibility will be made during the application process and payment for the scheme will be taken.

What's covered?

The scheme covers cutting:

  • grass of an area no bigger than 150 square metres
  • hedges where they border a path

No weeding or planting is provided. However, we will maintain gardens to an acceptable standard, this includes:

  • up to a maximum of seven grass cuts
  • one hedge cut

Due to the limited number of spaces on the scheme, applications will be accepted on a ‘first come first served basis’.