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Free compost

Almost 12,500 tonnes of food and garden waste is collected from North Ayrshire each year. This is then recycled into rich compost which is:

  • made available for use by the Council
  • offered from time to time to residents for free
  • donated to local community gardens and allotments

This helps us to close the loop and provide you with a valuable resource. You can then use the compost in your garden to grow healthy vegetables and plants. Applying compost is one of the best ways to increase the health of your garden by helping the soil to absorb nutrients more effectively, retain moisture and develop strong plant roots.

North Ayrshire Council is offering residents the chance to give their plants a boost in time for summer with free compost giveaway events. We hope to give away 70 tonnes of compost over a week and it will be offered on a first come, first served basis. The compost will be loose, so please bring a bag and shovel with you. Please check our social media channels for any unforeseen changes to the advertised events.


Locations and dates will be announced on this page. Please also look out for updates on our social media channels.

Right Stuff, Right Bin

By recycling the Right Stuff in the Right Bin, you can:

  • help us reduce the £3 million spent sending waste for final disposal
  • contribute to environmental initiatives such as the North Ayrshire Food Larders which give something back to the community

Thank you for recycling your food and garden waste in your Brown Bin.