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Food waste recycling

Right stuff in the Right bin


Recycling food waste reduces the £3 million the council pays on sending waste for final disposal.

Food caddy and liners

All mainland and Cumbrae households should have a small brown food caddy to use for recycling food waste.

Please use compostable or biodegradable food caddy liners. They are available to buy at most supermarkets and all good retailers. You can also use newspaper to wrap up food waste before placing it in your brown bin for collection.

When the liner is almost full, tie it up and put it in your garden brown bin. 

Vegetable and fruit peelings may be placed straight in the garden bin, or wrap in a single sheet of newspaper first.

Don't use ordinary plastic bags or liners, they aren't compostable or biodegradable. Contaminated bins will not be emptied. 

Order a caddy

What foods can be recycled?

  • dairy
  • meat & fish
  • bones
  • fruit & vegetables
  • bread
  • rice & pasta
  • tea bags and tea leaves
  • coffee grounds
  • egg shells

Food can be cooked or uncooked. Try to avoid oil or liquid.

Food waste collection day

To find out when your bin will be collected, type your postcode into YourLocation.

Food waste recycling

Food and garden waste is processed to produce compost. This is how we 'close the loop' by collecting your organic waste and recycling it to make new products. Follow us on Twitter for notice of our compost giveaways.

Our targets

We have to reach a 70% recycling target by 2025, as set by Scotland's Zero Waste Plan. 

Food waste, facts and figures

Scottish households throw away £1 billion worth of food every year. That's 600,000 tonnes of food. Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for information about reducing food waste.