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Asbestos disposal

If you think that you have found asbestos, please follow guidance provided by our Environmental Health Team.

Asbestos and Fibre Cement Board is commonly used in corrugated roof sheeting for garages.

Small quantities of asbestos may be disposed of at the Shewalton Waste Transfer Station. We will only accept cement bonded white asbestos from domestic household sources, eg garage roofing and water tanks.

Please note, we do not accept:

  • materials that have been dismantled by a business or company
  • asbestos from non-household sources
  • non-cement bonded asbestos

Guidelines for disposal

  1. Do not break, cut or saw the asbestos.
  2. Double wrap the asbestos in heavy gauge polythene sheeting.
  3. Seal the polythene closed using industrial tape.
  4. Call Shewalton Waste Transfer Station to give, at least, 24 hours notice of your arrival with the asbestos.
  5. They will ask for your name, address, car registration number and the number of packages. If you are using a hire vehicle to transport the asbestos, you will need to provide a copy of the hire agreement in your name and home address.
  6. Packages must be easy to lift into a skip. If you need 2 people to move them you will need to bring a second person with you.

Contact Shewalton Waste Transfer Station


01294 311756  


4-6 Metcalfe Place, Oldhall West Industrial Estate, Shewalton, Irvine, KA11 5DF

Opening times

Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm