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Bins, litter & recycling - Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Update, 22 May

Household Waste Recycling Centres

We are preparing to reopen our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) on a phased basis from 1 June. 

The timetable for reopening, which is subject to ongoing national monitoring of the reproduction rate of Covid-19, is: 

  • Bartonholm in Irvine and Brodick HWRCs will reopen on 1 June
  • Kilbirnie HWRC is currently scheduled to reopen on 15 June
  • Largs HWRC is currently scheduled to reopen on 22 June

We expect there to be long queues for the initial period, so please only attempt to visit the sites if you absolutley have to.  You can read more about the plans and the restrictions which will be in place on our HWRC webpage

Update, 18 May

Special Uplift Service

We have reinstated our Special Uplift Service this week to allow residents to get rid of unwanted household items that are unable to be stored safely until our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) reopen.  

The service will be available free of charge until our HWRCs reopen. A free uplift is limited to one per household and subject to availability.  

You can read more about this via our news release or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more specific information. 

Update, 29 April

Street Bins (Town Centres, Residential and Walking/Cycle Route locations)

Due to a reduction in footfall in town centres during lockdown the bins in these areas don't require to be emptied as often as we normally do. We are still emptying these bins but on a reduced schedule.  At the moment we are focusing more on bins that are on walking routes/cycle paths, as people are using these areas more frequently for daily exercise. 

You can report a full litter bin online and we will attend to it as quickly as we can.

Update, 7 April

We have made some changes to our services during this time. Please read or download our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), for more information. 

Grey, blue, purple and brown bins will still be collected as normal.

Update, 7 April

A total of 26 fines have been handed out in the last ten days as the Council ramps up the pressure on those fly-tipping across North Ayrshire.

 The Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team has been busy investigating incidents, handing out fixed penalty notices and tidying the mess.

 A total of 64 incidents have been investigated in the last two weeks alone – and many more about to be actioned -  and the team  has urged residents to show more consideration as the clean-up operation is taking valuable resources away from some of  our most vulnerable residents during the Coronavirus crisis.

 There has been an increase in incidents since ‘lockdown’ and the Council is keen to remind residents that there are NO excuses

Update, 6 April

We are receiving complaints about people burning household waste in their gardens.

Please note that the burning of waste in this manner is not appropriate.

Burning has an adverse effect on local air quality and on the health of our residents.

Be considerate at this time and use the Council’s household collection service that continues to operate as normal at present. 

Update, 3 April

Commercial Waste

If you are going to temporarily close your business, you MUST make sure your commercial waste is disposed of.

Empty waste containers must be locked and/or stored in a secure area to stop anyone using them while you are away. You must also tell your waste contractor that you are temporarily closing.

If it is North Ayrshire Council who provides your service please contact with your details and we’ll process your requirements as soon as we can. We’ll be here to support you when your business re-opens.

Update, 31 March

Council vow to get tough on selfish fly-tippers during pandemic

North Ayrshire Council has blasted people fly-tipping and dumping rubbish –  saying they are putting unnecessary pressure on resources that are needed for the region’s most vulnerable residents.

Over the last 48 hours, officers have been left angry by the selfish acts of a few and have vowed that anyone caught will be punished and fined.

Items have been discarded in Sloan Avenue and Clark Drive, Irvine, in full view of neighbouring properties, while there have been other incidents across North Ayrshire.

The Council’s Enforcement team are set to ramp up patrols, while they will also use mobile cameras to aid detection.

Anyone caught, whether in the act or retrospectively, will be hit with a £200 fixed penalty notice. Read the news article here.

Update, 30 March

Bin Collections

The Council has confirmed household bin collections are continuing to run as normal – and have urged residents to play their part.

Like all organisations, resources are being stretched but the Council took early steps to redeploy staff from other areas to cover absences to ensure the waste collection service was maintained.

And residents are reminded to leave bins out from 7am on the day of collection – this is to ensure that all bins are collected, as the service may not have the capacity to make a return visit until the next scheduled collection date.

Residents who are on an assisted collection (or ‘pull-out’ service) will continue to get the same service and nothing will change for them. Those on that service should contact us in the unlikely event that their bin is missed.

Update, 23 March

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Following the closure of our Waste Recycling Centres in Kilbirnie and Largs, we can now confirm that those in Irvine and Arran will also close temporarily while we review arrangements for members of the public attending the sites in light of the UK Government advice issued over the weekend. We will keep you updated.

Household waste collection services will be continuing as normal

Update, 21 March

Waste service changes

To allow us to focus on resourcing our household bin collection service we are taking the following steps from Monday 23 March:

Special Uplift Service – we will temporarily stop accepting any new special uplift requests.

New Bin Deliveries – deliveries will be made to recently completed new build properties only.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) - we have been monitoring customer numbers all week and demand is down significantly. We will therefore temporarily close all HWRCs to allow redeployment of staff to the household bin collection service.

These steps will help us to continue to focus on normal household bin collections to ensure there is no disruption to that service.

These measures are all temporary and being kept under constant review with a view to resuming all services as soon as possible.

Self-isolation advice

NHS Inform have published ‘stay at home’ waste disposal advice.

If you are self-isolating please think about securely storing personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in disposable bags.

The NHS Inform guidance is that these should be:

  • placed into another bag so that it is securely contained within two bags
  • tied securely
  • kept separate from other waste in your room
  • put aside for at least 72 hours before being putting in your usual external household waste bin

Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.