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Bin issues

Service disruption and missed bins

The latest information regarding disruption to bin collection services. If there are no messages to the contrary, please assume that there is no disruption.

If your street has been missed due to operational reasons we will return to collect your bin as soon as we can. 

Please ensure your bin is presented at 7am on your allocated collection day.

Report a missed Bin

If your bin is missed or if all bins in your street have not been collected, and details are not included in our service alerts, please report it online: 

Report a missed bin

Please note: Due to the current circumstances we may have to prioritise our response.  


If your bin is contaminated, there should be a contamination sticker placed on the lid. You should remove any non-recyclable waste and present it on the day of your next scheduled collection.

Half emptied bins

If your bin is not fully emptied due to the material being compacted, or frozen together in winter months, it is your responsibility to loosen the material ready for your next scheduled collection.

Please note: No additional collection will be provided for half emptied bins.

Failure to present your bin

If your bin was not presented for collection by 7am, you should present it on the day of your next scheduled collection.