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Bin pull out service

If you are having difficulty putting your bin out for collection, apply for our bin pull out service. Our refuse collectors will wheel your bin out from your property and return it when empty.

Ensure our refuse collectors can access your property on your collection day.


To apply for this service you must:

  • permanently live at the property
  • have no physically able person living at your property who could place the bins out

and be one of the following:

  • aged 85 or over
  • a Blue Badge holder
  • in receipt of DLA (mobility or care at the high rate)
  • in receipt of Attendance Allowance
  • in receipt of PIP (Personal Independent Payment) Mobility
  • aged over 65 and in receipt of free personal care 
  • under the age of 85, not in receipt of any disability benefits, but can provide full details of your disability

You may need to provide evidence of the above to support your application.

We reassess applicants who have this service.

How to apply

 You will need:

  • date of birth of applicant(s)
  • details of medical conditions in support of the application

Apply for bin pull out

or call 01294 310000.

When is my collection?

Type your postcode into YourLocation to view and print your calendar.

Residents with this service will get their grey, blue and purple bins collected every three weeks. Brown bins are collected fortnightly