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Bin collection day

The newly updated bin collection calendars are now available to download on the Bin Collection Day portal.

Check your bin day

To check your bin collection day:

  1. Type your postcode (including the space) into our Bin Collection Day information portal.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Select your property from the list, and your bin collection details will appear on screen.

Putting your bins out

Place bins at the kerbside, with the lid closed, before 7am on your collection day.

We will not collect extra bags left next to a bin.

What goes in each bin?

The bin types are as follows:

  • Blue Bin - paper, card and cardboard
  • Purple Bin - glass, cans, plastic and cartons
  • Brown Bin - food waste and garden waste
  • Grey Bin - residual waste

For more details, see our section on what goes in each bin for Arran and elsewhere in North Ayrshire.

Collection cycle

Grey, blue and purple bins are collected every 3 weeks. Brown bins are collected every fortnight.

Grey bin waste

Please see the Clyde Valley Residual Waste Project to find out what happens to your grey bin waste.

Christmas tree collections

We post details of real Christmas tree collections on our social channels each year.