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Bin collection day

We have updated the calendars that you can import to your smart phone for automatic reminders - the new versions cover April to mid-December 2020.

Follow the instructions in the page below to download your new one.

To find your bin collection day:

  1. Type your postcode (including the space) into YourLocation.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Select your property from the list.
  4. Import the iCalendar to your smart phone or computer to view bin collection days at a glance, or print a PDF for your kitchen wall.

Place bins at the kerbside, with the lid closed, before 7am on your collection day.

We will not uplift extra bags left next to a bin.

  • Blue Bin - Paper, Card & Cardboard
  • Purple Bin - Glass, Cans, Plastic & Cartons
  • Brown Bin - Food Waste & Garden Waste
  • Grey Bin - Residual Waste

Collection Cycle

Grey, blue and purple bins are collected every three weeks. Brown bins are collected every fortnight.