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Recycling information

What can be recycled?

The following items can be recycled, however, please check individual sites to see arrangements in place for each site and opening hours.

Please note: soil can only be taken to Bartonholm Household Waste Recycling Centre.

What can be recycled?
ItemRecycling centreRecycling pointsDoorstepParticipating Supermarkets
Batteries  (except car batteries)       
Bikes ✔       
Books  ✔    
Bras (look for the pink Breast Cancer Now banks)      
Building materials      
Cardboard (larger quantities)      
CDs and DVDs    
Clothes (Textiles, sheets, blankets, towels, curtains and handbags).    
Computer equipment      
Cooking oil      
Disposable vapes      
Fluorescent light bulbs      
Food waste      
Garden waste    
Glass bottles and jars, cans, plastic (bottles, pots, tubs, trays and cartons)  
MDF (Bartonholm, Kilbirnie and Largs Recycling Centres only), chipboard*, laminate*      
Motor oil       
Paper and Cardboard  
Plastic bags, soft plastic wraps and liners**      
Shoes only (tied together or bagged in pairs)    
Wood* and timber (all non-processed)      

*Please do not deposit for recycling; chipboard, laminate or wood which is attached to other materials such as felt or wire.

**Please recycle your plastic bags, soft plastic wraps, liners etc at participating supermarkets. 

Stores in North Ayrshire currently offering this service are:

• Asda, Irvine Store

• Co-op Stores (soft plastic packaging in all mainland stores, plastic bags in mainland stores over 3000sq ft)

• Morrisons Stores

• Tesco, Superstores and Extra’s

The above list may change from time to time please check with your local supermarket for details.

Items that are difficult to dispose of

Information for items that are difficult to dispose of such as paint, car batteries, soil etc. can be found on our Difficult to dispose of items advice page.

Compost giveaway

Almost 12,000 tonnes of food and garden waste is collected from North Ayrshire each year, to be recycled into compost.

If you are part of a community garden scheme, or allotment organisation, please contact us to see if we can supply compost for your members use.