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Textile recycling  

Bin your bra for breast cancer research. Look for the pink Breast Cancer Now bra banks at our Household Waste Recycling Centres. 

Textile recycling banks are provided, in partnership with Nathan's Wastesavers, to recycle textiles and reduce the amount going to landfill. Please do not place any textiles in your blue, purple or brown recycling bins. 

What textiles can be recycled at a textile bank? 

  • all clean clothes
  • shoes, boots, slippers (in pairs, tied together, or in a bag)
  • hats, scarves, gloves
  • tights, stockings
  • bed linen, blankets, sheets, pillowcases
  • handbags
  • belts
  • clean underwear
  • curtains
  • towels, tea towels

They will not accept:

  • duvets
  • quilts
  • sleeping bags
  • pillows
  • cushions
  • stuffed toys
  • wet, dirty or oily items
  • carpets
  • uniform clothing (items with school or company logos)

Charity shops and collection organisations

North Ayrshire Council supports the work undertaken by charity organisations (PDF, 115kb) to re-use and recycle clothes and textiles. Please continue to donate to charity shops, textile recycling banks, or a verified charitable collection service where available.

School uniform recycling 

Most of our schools, or parent councils, offer uniform recycling. Items can be swapped, bought for a reduced price, or obtained for free.

Contact your local school office for details.

What happens to the textiles?

Good quality textiles may be sold in charity shops or sent for re-use. Lower quality materials are shredded and used for industrial wipes, sound proofing for the automotive industry, carpets, underlay and mattress linings.

Beware of textile thieves

When using a charitable organisation's collection service, try to ensure that your bag of textiles is collected by the appropriate organisation.