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Furniture recycling and mattress reuse

We work with Cunninghame Furniture Recycling Company (CFRC) to:

  • reduce the number of household items and textiles going for final disposal
  • increase the number of items which can be re-used

If you have household items that are:

  • re-usable
  • clean
  • in good working condition

contact CFRC as they may collect your items free of charge.

Please note: items CFRC is able to collect may vary from time to time.

Mattress Reuse Project 

North Ayrshire Council and CFRC secured funding through the Scottish Governments Recycling Improvement Fund for this project. Suitable mattresses are collected, cleaned and sanitised for reuse. 

CFRC will collect mattresses for reuse if the following standards are met. The mattress must: 

  • have a fire label that has the BS7177 noted
  • be free from rips or tears
  • not have been left outside
  • not be wet
  • not have signs of infestation
  • not have a strong odour or smell 

To donate a mattress complete the online form:

Donate your mattress 

Or phone CFRC on 0800 221 8083.

We also accept mattresses which meet the above standards for reuse at our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Mattresses will be reused locally and nationally.

Find out how to buy a re-use mattress.

Please note: CFRC may be able to collect mattresses that are not in reusable condition but this may be chargeable. These mattresses are broken down into parts for recycling. Mattresses must not be left outside or be wet. 

Non re-usable mattresses can be disposed of at our Household Waste Recycling Centres or by arranging a bulky waste collection.

Contact Cunninghame Furniture Recycling Company


0800 221 8083 


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