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School Uniform Recycling Initiatives

We support the Uniform Recycling initiatives, provided by local primary and secondary schools throughout North Ayrshire.

Most of our primary and secondary schools or parent councils offer some form of uniform recycling service, where items can be swapped, bought for a reduced price or obtained for free.

This not only provides access to school uniforms that fit well, look smart and help children feel part of their school, it also helps cut our carbon footprint by extending the lifetime of the clothes.

In the UK we throw away an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing each year and by extending the life of a garment for just 9 months longer you could reduce its environmental impacts by 20 to 30%.

With children growing so fast some uniforms don’t even get worn before they are no longer required. School Uniform Recycling initiatives help to decrease textile waste and enables uniforms to be used to their full potential offering quality new and preloved items, that can be used time and time again, helping to create a sustainable circular economy.

Please contact your local school office for details on Uniform Recycling initiatives that may be available.