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Free wood giveaway

When available we offer A FREE wood giveaway for North Ayrshire residents.

Giveaways are taking place on:

  • Wednesday 10 August, 10am to 2pm
  • Thursday 11 August, 5pm to 8pm


The old Dreghorn Recycling Centre, Station Brae, Dreghorn, KA11 4AJ (view map).

What to bring

  • you will need to bring your own bags or storage boxes if required to place wood chippings
  • proof of North Ayrshire residency will be required, such as a drivers licence, utility bill or North Ayrshire Council staff id
  • some shovels will be available if you need to use these to lift wood chippings


  • we will restrict access to only allow two vehicles into the site at a time
  • at our discretion we may limit the amount of wood allowed per person, in the interest of fairness or where we suspect the amount of wood being taken is for business use
  • the wood must be taken as is. The wood will not be cut by North Ayrshire staff on site, and we cannot allow it to be cut on site by the person collecting it

Health and safety 

  • wear suitable clothing that you are not concerned about getting dirty or damaged
  • consider suitable gloves to minimise skelves, cuts and other abrasions
  • consider wearing sturdy footwear
  • consider safeguarding your vehicle with some sort of protective cover to minimise damage to vehicle bodywork and interior
  • take pieces of wood that are at the top and closest to you, to reduce movement of the wood pile
  • feet should remain on the ground, do not step on the wood or wood chip piles
  • keep your back straight if bending
  • carry one piece of wood at a time and hold it close to your body

Other questions

Why are we giving away wood?

We want to avoid the landfill costs and environmental factors of sending excess wood to landfill. We believe there is an interest in this wood from members of the public who have made such enquiries during tree works.

Do we currently use this wood?

We use the woodchip for spreading on soil (known as mulch) as well as other decorative work including landscaping, pathways and surfacing play areas.

Is this open to North Ayrshire Council employees, who may not live in North Ayrshire?

Yes, North Ayrshire Council employees can collect this wood. Please bring proof of employment such as your staff ID badge or a wage slip.

Will you be doing similar giveaways in the future?

This will depend on the success of the giveaway, and feedback.


Please fill in our feedback form to let us know what you thought about the giveaway.

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