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Road maintenance, design and construction

North Ayrshire Council has adopted an asset management approach to road maintenance. 

The Roads Asset Management Plan (PDF, 1.17mb) sets out our strategy for maintaining the road network and its associated assets. Asset management uses lifecycle planning to make best use of available resources. The Asset Management approach ensures an appropriate prioritisation of works in line with available budgets.

To carry out works, occupy or open part of a public road, you must notify us first. View our List of Public Roads (PDF, 3.3mb).

Under every street there are cables, mains, pipes and sewers. Please consult Dial before you Dig before you carry out any roadworks.

The Road Asset Safety Inspection Policy and the Road Assest Safety Inspection Operations Manual set out the procedures for carrying out safety inspections.

Road maintenance permits

Most road maintenance permits are valid for 4 weeks from date of authorisation. Applications for longer periods will be charged in 4 week blocks. So, if you need a skip permit for 16 weeks you will pay £192 = 4 x the £48 single permit charge.

Applications take 5 working days to process.

Skip permit

To place a skip on a public road you will need a permit.

Charge: £51 for 4 weeks

Please read our Skip Permit Conditions (Word, 104kb) then complete and return a Skip Permit Application Form (Word, 58kb).

Permission to lower a kerb

Permission to lower a kerb is known as 'constructing a standard width vehicle access crossing'.

This permission can only be given once we have approved the location of the proposed access crossing. We check that there are no road safety implications. If approved, you can instruct a competent contractor to undertake the work. The contractor must obtain a road opening permit prior to carrying out the work.

To request this service, or for more information, please call us on 01294 310000.

Road opening permits

To construct a vehicle access crossing or carry out other works which involve digging on a public road, you will need a permit.

Section 56 Road Opening Permits
Permit typeCharge
vehicle access crossings (kerb lowering) £74
other works involving excavation in a public road £208 for up to 1 week, £98 per additional week

Complete and return a Road Opening Permit Application (Word, 71kb)

Road occupancy permits

To occupy a public road with any of the items listed below, you need a permit.

Section 58 Road Occupancy permits
Permit typeCharge
Cranes £86 for up to 4 weeks
Builder's material £86 for up to 4 weeks
Scaffolding £86 for up to 4 weeks 

Please read our Road Occupation Conditions (Word, 119kb) before you complete and return a Road Occupation Application Form (Word, 78kb)

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO)

You need a TTRO if you wish to undertake work that requires you to:

  • temporarily divert traffic
  • close a public right of way
  • restrict parking.
Temporary Traffic Regulations Order charges
Order typeCharge
5 Day TTRO (by notice) £426
Emergency TTRO (by notice) £426
TTRO (advertised in Press) £658 + advertising costs

To apply, complete and return a TTRO application form (Word, 82kb).

Temporary traffic signal permit

To erect a temporary traffic signal which controls traffic 2 or more ways, you need a permit.

Charges are as follows:

  • 2 way - no charge
  • 3 way or more - £122 for up to 1 week, £122 per additional week

Please read our Portable Lights Conditions (Word, 18kb) before you complete and return a Portable Lights Application Form (Word, 51kb).

Amenity display licence

If you intend to erect amenity display banners, hanging baskets or Christmas lights over a public road or footway in North Ayrshire, you need a licence.

One off charge: £29

Please read our Amenity Display Conditions (Word, 29kb) before you complete and return an Amenity Display Application (Word, 58kb).


North Ayrshire Roads provide the following services:

Roads service list
Property Enquiry Adoption Plan £37
NRSWA Public Utility Sample Inspections £36
NRSWA Section 109 Permission £317
Supply of Traffic Count Data £208 per site
Supply/use of information from the Saturn or Paramics Traffic Model £1340
Neighbourhood Watch signs £37
Switching off Traffic Signals for third parties £147
Amendments to Approved Road Construction Consents £365
Temporary signs for events £98
Signs for new housing development £378
H bar markings (access protection marking) £61

To access these services contact us on 01294 310000 or email roadspermits@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.

Road design and construction

Please see our dedicated sections on road design and obtaining road construction consent.

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