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Report a street light fault


If a lighting defect is causing a clear and immediate danger (high risk to loss of life or limb), you should treat it as an emergency.

Examples of this could include:

  • door off
  • wires exposed
  • vehicle accident damage
  • defect with 4 lights or more in a sequence

Please report an emergency by telephone on 01294 310000.

Traffic Signals

Traffic signal/traffic light issues should be reported directly to the contact centre by calling 01294 310000.

Report a non-emergency street lighting fault

It will help to aid the timescale of repairs if you provide as much information as possible including the following:

  • Light number - Every light is numbered. If the number is visible confirm it when reporting the fault
  • A description of the fault
  • Location of the fault - describe landmarks or provide an address e.g. "outside number 9" or "close to the post box" particularly if you are not sure of the column number
  • Email address - so you will receive updates on the progress of the fault
  • Telephone number - this can help if we need more information to identify a location. We may contact you in this instance. If we are not able to locate an issue or contact you for more information we may have to close the issue without taking any action.
  • Photographs - a close-up picture of the issue as well as a wider shot showing the location can help speed up the progress of repairs.

Please use the button below to access our online reporting portal for Lighting issues:

  • When the portal opens, use the map or search bar to find the location of the issue you are reporting.
  • Tap or click on the relevant lighting column. You will then be asked to select the relevant issue to continue. If the lighting column isn’t on the map, select the road and provide details of the location, any landmarks etc.
  • The map will also show you if the issue has already been reported, and you can add your details to the existing fault if you want to receive updates.

Report a street light fault online 

Access our full service timescales for Roads lighting service standards (PDF, 126kb) for further information related to lighting repairs.

All reports registered will receive an email confirmation from 'wdm-no-reply@mail.highway-iams.uk' and progress update. This notification will confirm if the repair is being progressed by the Roads Service or if the lighting is managed by Housing Services. If the lighting fault is on private land please contact the property owners directly.

This will be passed to the relevant service immediately, or on the next available working day. 

If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk folder. This account cannot receive incoming emails, so please do not reply, or send emails to this address.

Progress of a reported street light issue

Check the progress of street light issues reported after 30 March 2022. You will need the reference number you received when you logged the issue.

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