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Report a street light fault


If a street light fault is causing a clear and immediate danger (high risk to loss of life or limb), you should treat it as an emergency. Examples of this could include:

  • door off the lamppost
  • wires exposed
  • vehicle accident damage
  • fault with 4 lights, or more, in a sequence

Report an emergency by calling 01294 310000.

Traffic signal faults

Traffic signal/traffic light faults should be reported by calling 01294 310000.

Report a non-emergency street light fault

If a lighting fault is on private land, please contact the property owners directly.

If we are unable to locate a faulty street light we may not be able to take action to fix it. Please provide as much information as possible including:

  • light number - every street light is numbered, if you can see the number, please use it when reporting
  • a description of the fault
  • street name - the name of the street the light is on
  • location of the faulty street light - provide a property address for example, 'outside number 3', or describe a landmark like 'close to the post box'
  • your email address - for confirmation and update emails
  • your phone number - we may need to contact you for more information
  • photographs - a close-up of the fault as well as a wider angle showing the location.

Report a street light fault 

All reports registered will receive a confirmation email and update from 'wdm-no-reply@mail.highway-iams.uk'. This account doesn't receive incoming email, please do not reply or send emails to this address.

The confirmation email will tell you whether the repair is being actioned by:

  • the Roads Service. or
  • Housing Services.

If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk folder. 

Use the reference number from your confirmation email to:

Track the progress of a street light fault

Read our Roads lighting service standards (PDF, 126kb) for timescales for response.