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Report an abandoned vehicle

It is an offence to abandon a vehicle. Any motor car, van, caravan, motor cycle or trailer which has apparently been left by its owner/most recent user, in the same location for some time is considered to be abandoned if it has:

  • been left in the street, on open ground or at a garage site, the vehicle structure/glass has been damaged by vandalism (as opposed to damage caused by a road traffic accident)
  • unsecured doors (the bonnet or boot may be open)
  • been partially or fully burnt out.

Report an abandoned vehicle

 You will need:

  • the precise location of the vehicle
  • the make, model, colour and, if available, registration number
  • information, such as approximate length of time the vehicle has been at this location
  • for caravans, trailers etc a description of the vehicle

Report abandoned vehicle

What happens next?

Abandoned vehicles will normally be removed from public places within 7 days. If the vehicle is considered to be a hazard to the public we will remove it within 24 hours. 

Most abandoned vehicles are consigned to be scrapped. Very occasionally a vehicle may be sold at public auction.