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Road developments
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Road developments

What to consider

Engineers are expected to demonstrate how their scheme complies with the principles set out in both North Ayrshire and national guidance to achieve safe and sustainable developments which are a key part of the local environment.

We ask designers to consider:


Achieving sustainable development is crucial to the social, economic and environmental objectives of North Ayrshire Council. Development must be sustainable in the widest possible sense. From transport accessibility, to construction materials, the development process should be efficient and environmentally sound.

People movement

Our streets cater for the movement of:

  • pedestrians
  • cyclists
  • vehicular traffic
  • servicing and access arrangements

as well as less dynamic functions such as occasional car parking and landscape features.

Designs should consider ease of access and 'people movement', specifically the needs of the elderly, disabled and children.

Other necessary utilities

Well designed streets should accommodate all these functions and purposes as well as provisions for:

  • utility services
  • street lighting 
  • drainage.

We ask designers to consider their inter-relationship from the outset of the development.


The following guides must be used:

To apply to construct a new road in North Ayrshire, see Road construction consent.