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Roadworks and road closures

For roadworks and disruptions to journeys in and around North Ayrshire visit:

Planned roadworks and road closures in North Ayrshire

Please note: roadworks are subject to change.


  • Montgomerie Street (opposite nos 42-44)
    15 January to 9 February
    Footway closed due to public utility connection works
  • Princes Street (at level crossing)
    27 January (11pm) to 28 January (7am)
    road closed for railway maintenance works
  • South Beach Road (at railway bridge)
    until 4 February
    Road closed for bridge waterproofing works


  • C147 Brennan (between East and West Bennan)
    18 February, 8am to 4pm
    Road closed for replacement of telegraph pole for BT customers
  • B880 The String (Glenshurig)
    20 and 21 January, 8am to 4pm daily, weekend working only
    Road closed for carriageway improvement works
  • Machrie Moor Road (between Machrie Golf Links and Machrie Cottage)
    22 to 26 January
    Road closed for forestry commission works
  • Ross Road
    until 1 February 2018
    Restriction to HGVs over 7.5T due to carriageway surface failure


  • Blair Road (between Baidland Avenue and C99)
    until 20 April 2018
    Road closed for new Dalry bypass works. Diversion route will be signposted. There will be no emergency access through the closure. For full details of impact, or to enquire about the works, visit Transport Scotland
  • New Street (between no.s 9 and 33)
    29 to 31January
    No waiting/parking, to facilitate temporary signals in connection with abnormal load delivery for Dalry by-pass (Farans road bridge)


  • Perceton Row (between Towerlands Road and B769 junctions)
    15 to 29 January at 8am
    Road closed for Scottish Power works


  • Beith Road (local to Daisybank)
    17 to 19 January
    2 way traffic signals for BT works


  • Annick Road (at A78 over bridge)
    15 to 17 January, 9am to 3.30pm daily
    2 way traffic lights for Scotland Transerv Works
  • Burns Street, Castle Street, East Road, Eglinton Street
    until 29 January
    4 way traffic signals for Scottish Water works
  • Crompton Way (between junctions for Wallace's Express and Amer Sports UK Services)
    5 to 26 February
    Road closed for installation of drainage. Follow signed diversion.
  • Gottries Road/Harbour Street/Montgomery Street
    15 January to 5 February
    3 way traffic lights for Scottish Water Works
  • Hill Street (from Kirkgate to Bridgegate)
    until 24 January
    Road closed for Scottish Water works
  • Kirkgate (between junctions at Hill Street and High Street)
    until 24 January
    Road closed, no waiting or loading for Scottish Water mains works
  • Long Drive (at River Irvine Bridge between Shewalton Road and Riverside Way)
    24 January to 21 February
    2 way traffic signals for parapet replacement 
  • Quarry Road (from Crocus Grove to East Road)
    until 29 January at 8am
    Road closed (westbound only) for Scottish Water works


  • Bannoch Road
    29 January to 23 February
    Road closed for bridge repair works
  • Lylestone Terrace (between B778 Old Glasgow Road and C5 Lylestone)
    29 January to 2 February, 8am to 4pm daily
    Road closed for carriageway resurfacing works
  • Weirston Road/Bannoch Road/Fergushill Road
    15 to 19 January
    4 way traffic lights for Scottish Power works
  • U54 Sevenacres Mill Bridge (between Burrowland and Sevenacres Mill)
    10 August 2017 for 18 months
    Restricted to weight limit of 18 tonnes


  • A760 (between A78 and B784)
    22 January to 2 February, 9am to 4.30pm (week days only)
    Road closed for carriageway resurfacing works
  • Nelson Street (north kerb from numbers 63 to 75)
    until 7 September 2018
    Temporary waiting and loading restrictions for building construction works


  • Countess Street (between Vernon Street and Braes Road)
    26 January, 8am to 12 noon
    Road closed for building works
  • Montgomerie Crescent (South Beach Road and Winton Street)
    5 to 9 February
    Road closed for water mains works 


  • Main Road, Springhill Terrace, Station Road
    until 29 January
    3 way traffic signals for Scottish Water works


  • Afton Road (between B780 Townhead Street and New Street)
    15 to 19 January
    Road closed for footway resurfacing works
  • George Street (at Station Road)
    16 January, 9am to 3.30pm
    4 way traffic signals for manhole repair work
  • New Street (near Glencairn Primary School)
    until 4 February
    No waiting due to service connection works
  • Schoolwell Street (between Main Street and Grange Road)
    22 to 26 January, 8am to 4.30pm daily
    Road closed for carriageway resurfacing works

West Kilbride

  • Main Street (between no. 93 Hunterston Road)
    16 March, 9.30am to 3.30pm
    No waiting/parking, to allow BT Openreach access to underground structure for cabling
  • Meadowfoot Road to Law Brae
    17 January, 9am to 6pm
    3 way traffic lights for BT manhole works

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Public roads in North Ayrshire

Public Roads (PDF, 1.4mb) is a register of all public roads in North Ayrshire.