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Report road fault

We will ask you for details about the location and type of fault.

Please provide a contact email address. We'll use this to send you an unique reference number and keep you updated with progress.

Report road fault

To report a defect on a trunk road (A78, A737, A738) contact ScotlandTranserv.

What happens next?

We'll use the information you have provided to locate and inspect the fault. Inspections will usually happen within 5 working days unless it is an emergency.

Depending on the severity of the fault, we'll carry out repairs as follows:

  • Category 1 - we aim to make safe at time of inspection, or within 4 hours
  • Category 2 - within 7 working days from date of inspection
  • Category 3 - within 30 working days from date of inspection
  • Category 4 - monitor and review

Please note: circumstances beyond our control, such as periods of adverse weather, may have a detrimental affect on our target response times.

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