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Caravan site licence

If you intend to use land as a caravan site you will need this licence.

To be eligible for a caravan site licence you must:

  • be entitled to use the land as a caravan site
  • have valid planning permission

More information is available in our Caravan licence conditions (Word, 37kb).

How to apply

Complete and return a Caravan site application form (Word, 73kb).


There are no fees for this licence.

What happens next?

We will consult with the our Planning Department.

How long does the licence last?

If granted, the Licence is permanent, but if the land is sold, the Licence only passes to the new owner if the previous owner applies to the council for consent under Section 10. Contact us for more information.

Does the licence have any conditions?

North Ayrshire Council encourages good standards at our caravan sites for the pleasure and enjoyment of our community as well as tourists who visit the area. Therefore, for this licence to be granted you must meet these Caravan licence conditions (Word, 37kb). Breach of conditions is a criminal offence and the licence holder may be prosecuted by the Procurator Fiscal.

Please note: We follow National Fraud Initiative guidelines to protect against fraud.

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