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Fees for Licences and other charges

The following covers the fees and charges under:

  • Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982
  • other Licensing statutes

Under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, licences are of two types:

  • 'Full' licences can last up to three years, and can be renewed
  • 'Temporary' licences can last no more than six weeks, and cannot be renewed

These fees and charges were agreed by North Ayrshire Council at the Council meeting on 1 March 2023. The Agenda for the meeting on 1 March 2023 included as item 3, a report of General Services Revenue Estimates 2023/24 to 2025/26.

The report includes a spreadsheet (Appendix 6), with the Licensing information on pages 31 to 32.

Licence applying forFee
Amendment of Licence (1982 Act Paragraph 9 Consent to Material Change - if not Licence Partnership) £39.00
Amendment (1982 Act Paragraph 9 - if due to Licence Partnership) £139.00
Duplicate Licence £37.00
Temporary Licence under 1982 Act (unless specifically mentioned below) £189.00
Variation of a Licence (1982 Act Paragraph 10) £64.00

Some 'temporary' licences have fees in all following tables. If an activity does not have a set temporary fee, the fee is stated above in the General Licences table.

Licences under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

Unless otherwise stated, all 'full' licence fees under this Act apply to both new and renewal applications.

Street Traders
Licence applying forFee
Operator - full (maximum three years) £301.00
Operator - temporary (maximum six weeks) £206.00
Operator - substitute vehicle £131.00
Employee Licence - full £150.00
Employee Licence - temporary £113.00
Licence Applying for Fee 
Public Entertainment Licence - full (commercial premises with fairground) £439.00
Public Entertainment Licence - temporary £356.00
Indoor Sports Entertainment Licence - full (when another North Ayrshire Council Licence is held) £189.00
Indoor Sports Entertainment Licence - full (when no other North Ayrshire £376.00

Although the maximum duration of a 'full' licence is three years, the council is likely to limit Public Entertainment licences and the initial grant of Taxi/Private Hire Car licences to one year.

Taxi and Private Hire Cars
Licence applying for  Fee
Taxi operator - full (three years) £726.00
Taxi operator - full (one year) £420.00
Taxi driver - full (three years) £219.00
Taxi driver - full (one year) £93.00
Private hire car operator - full (three years) £651.00
Private hire car operator - full (one year) £389.00
Private hire car driver - full (three years) £219.00
Private hire car driver - full (one year) £93.00

There are additional charges relating to Taxi/Private Hire Car licences.

Other charges
Other charges Fee
Substitution of vehicle £234.00
Inspection of vehicle £97.00
Re-inspection of vehicle £51.00
Replacement door signs for Private Hire Cars (one sign) £9.00
Replacement door signs for Private Hire Cars (two signs) £19.00
Replacement Licence (resulting from change of address or if otherwise requested) £16.00
Replacement plate £38.00
Replacement Tariff Card £16.00
Replacement Taxi/Private Hire Car driver badge £21.00
Replacement window stickers £21.00
Re-seal of Taximeter £25.00
Booking Office
Licence applying for  Fee
Booking office (with public access) £376.00
Booking office (without public access) £251.00


Due to Section 36, a person who carries on business as any of the following:

  • a Second-Hand dealer
  • a Metal dealer, or
  • an Itinerant Metal dealer

will need two or three Licences.

Due to Section 27M, a person who carries on business as:

  • a Second-Hand dealer, and
  • a Knife dealer

will need both Licences.

Licence applying for Fee
Second-Hand - new, full £264.00
Second-Hand, already licenced, full £139.00
Knife - full £376.00
Metal (Premises and Itinerant) - full £131.00

Short-Term Lets

North Ayrshire Council Policy does not allow Short-Term Lets temporary licences.

Short-Term Lets
Licence applying forFee 
Secondary letting (one to four guests) - new £263.00
Secondary letting (five or more guests) - new £420.00
Home Sharing and/or Home Letting (one to four guests) - new £131.00
Home Sharing and/or Home Letting (five or more guests) - new £210.00
Secondary Letting (one to four guests) - renewal £210.00
Secondary Letting (five or more guests) - renewal £368.00
Home Sharing and/or Home Letting (one to four guests) - renewal £105.00
Home Sharing and/or Home Letting (five or more guests) - renewal £184.00
Request under North Ayrshire Council "Existing Hosts Confirmation Scheme" £0.00 

Renewals are likely to be indefinite (and not limited to the three year duration of the original grant). For more information, please read our Licensing Policy Statement (PDF, 1.4MB).

Short-Term Let temporary licences are not granted in North Ayrshire, this is noted within Part 17 of the Licensing Policy Statement.

Short-Term Let Temporary Licence Exemption Application is a six week exemption (1982 Act, Schedule 1, Paragraph 1A). There is only one situation where the council can grant a Temporary Exemption which is explained within Part 16 of our Licensing Policy Statement. The fee is 75% of the fee that would be due if there was an application for a Licence rather than a Temporary Exemption (rounded down to the nearest whole Pound).

Other activities
Licence applying for Fee
Market operator - full £425.00 
Late hours catering - full £200.00 
Skin piercing or Tattooing (with Premises) - full £395.00 
Skin piercing or Tattooing (without Premises) - full £332.00 
Sex shop or Sexual Entertainment Venue - new and renewal, full £2,234.00 
Permission for Public Charitable Collection (Section 119) £0.00

Other Licensing statutes

Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (Scotland) Regulations 2021

Please note OSCR is the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Animal Welfare
Licence applying for Fee
To sell pets (Activity A) - grant and renewal (each for one year) £219.00
To rehome animals (Activity B) - grant and renewal (each for one year) £219.00
To operate an 'Animal Welfare Establishment' (Activity C) if OSCR registered £0.00
To operate an 'Animal Welfare Establishment' (Activity C) if not OSCR registered £219.00
To breed puppies (Activity D) - new (one year) £526.00
To breed puppies (Activity D) - renewal (one year) £232.00 
To breed kittens (Activity E) - new (one year) £526.00
To breed kittens (Activity E) - renewal (one year) £232.00
To breed rabbits (Activity F) - new (one year) £526.00
To breed rabbits (Activity F) - renewal (one year) £232.00
Other Animal Licences
Licence applying for Fee
Animal boarding (one to 10 animals) £93.00
Animal boarding (11 to 20 animals) £125.00
Animal boarding (21 to 30 animals) £163.00
Animal boarding (31 to 50 animals) £238.00
Animal boarding (51 to 70 animals) £307.00
Animal boarding (over 70 animals) £389.00
Dangerous wild animals - new and renewal (maximum 12 months) £332.00
Game dealers £5.00
Registration under Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 £56.00
Riding Establishment - new (one year) £526.00
Riding Establishment - if already licenced (one year) £395.00
Venison dealer £139.00
Venison dealer - Employee/Agent £75.00
Zoo licence - new (maximum four years) £332.00
Zoo licence - renewal (maximum six years) £332.00
Other Licences or Registrations
Licence applying for Fee
Caravan (new system - 'Relevant Permanent Sites' - residential sites) - new (each for five years) £713.00
Caravan (old system - Holiday and Touring sites) - permanent £0.00
Cinema licence - new (one year) £307.00
Cinema licence - new (under a year, per month with total not to exceed one year fee) £103.00
Cinema licence - transfer £62.00
House in Multiple Occupation - new (three years) £1,052.00
House in Multiple Occupation - if already licenced (three years) £790.00
Registration to sell non-medical poisons (addition of new dealer to Register) £27.00
Registration to sell non-medical poisons (retention of dealer's name on Register) £15.00
Registration (alteration of details in Register) £6.00
Fireworks Storage (under 250kg) - set by the Government, not the council Various

Landlord Registration

These charges are set by the Scottish Government and not by North Ayrshire Council. The Landlord pays a 'Principal fee', which covers the Registration plus one house. For each house after, a 'Property fee' is required when a Landlord adds a property to the Registration.

Landlord Registration
Licence applying for Fee
Principle Fee (3 year registration, both new and renewal) £80.00
Property Fee (for each house) £18.00
Late application fee £160.00

Licensing Board fees

Noted below are the North Ayrshire Council Licensing Board fees under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

Premises Licence
Category Initial Fee Annual Fee
1. No or nil Rateable Value, B&B, Visitor Centres and Qualifying Clubs  £200.00 £180.00
2. Rateable Value £1 to £11,500 £800.00 £220.00
3. Rateable Value £11,501 to £35,000 £1,100.00 £280.00
4. Rateable Value £35,001 to £70,000 £1,300.00 £500.00
5. Rateable Value £70,001 to £140,000 £1,700.00 £700.00
6. Rateable Value above £140,000 £2,000.00 £900.00
Replacement Premises Licence  £25.00 Not applicable

Annual Fee

One of the conditions of a Premises Licence is that the Annual Fee should be paid.

The fee is due on 1 October 2009 and 1 October each year after that, except where that date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, when it is due on the immediately following Monday.

The fee is due while the Premises Licences is in effect or is suspended.

Personal Licence
Licence applying for Fee
Initial application £50.00
Replacement Personal Licence £25.00


If the variation is included with a Transfer, see Transfers of Premises Licence below.

Type of variation Fee
(a) if the application is under Section 31(1) (substitution of new Premises Manager with immediate effect) and any other Variation sought in the application is a 'Minor Variation' (Section 29(6)) £31.00
(b) if the application seeks only one or more 'Minor Variations' (Section 29(6)), none of which fall within (a); £20.00
(c) where the application contains one or more Variations which do not fall in (a) or (b), the fee is equal to the Annual Fee payable by the Premises:  Not applicable
Category 1 £180.00
Category 2 £220.00
Category 3 £280.00
Category 4 £500.00
Category 5 £700.00
Category 6 £900.00

If an application includes more than one Variation, and at least one of them is in (c) then the Category fee is charged. If that is charged, there is no extra charge for any Minor Variation ((a) or (b)).

Transfers of Premises Licence
Transfer on application of Fee
Licence holder (Section 33) £50.00
Licence holder plus Variation (Sections 33 and 35) £100.00
Person other than licence holder (Section 34) £60.00
Person other than licence holder plus Variation (Sections 34 and 35) £120.00
Other Licences
Licence applying for Fee
Temporary Premises Licence (Section 47) 60% of appropriate premises application fee for the relevant category
Occasional Licence £10.00
Extended Hours Licence £10.00


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