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Going to a Licensing meeting

Excluded matters

Before anyone, whether a Licence Applicant or an Objector, attends the Hearing or sends a written statement they want Councillors to look at, they should know that there are some things they should not tell the Licensing Authority about. This includes:

  • Questions about the display or content of the Licensing Site Notice
  • Title Conditions, boundaries, rights of access, and common charges
  • Planning
  • Building Control
  • Parking/Obstruction of roads
  • Waste bins and waste collection
  • Access by emergency vehicles
  • Whether or not someone is guilty of a criminal offence
  • Whether or not a court action (civil or criminal) should be, or should have been, decided in a certain way
  • Whether or not Data Protection rules (including the use of CCTV) are being broken

Where can I get more information?

Read our advice note on Coming to a Licensing meeting (Excluded Matters) (PDF, 438KB)

The document has information about:

  • Before you come to a meeting
  • If you are disabled
  • Before the meeting
  • The information the Licensing Authorities can use
  • "Sub Judice" - allegations of criminal conduct
  • "Excluded Matters" - comments and complaints about Licences - what not to tell the Licensing Board

Why is this?

This is because these Excluded Matters are unlikely to be relevant to Licensing Laws and may be matters which other authorities outside the council can deal with.