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Film and photography permits

North Ayrshire Council welcomes film, television and photographic companies who wish to film and photograph in North Ayrshire Council land/and or buildings. However, you must get permission to carry out such activities. Please give 10 working days notice prior to the date of filming for us to process your request.

How to apply

To request permission to film in North Ayrshire Council land and/or buildings, please contact us.

What happens next?

We will consult with the Estates department. Estates will then contact you with details of any fees and the type of agreement to be entered into.


A fee for filming permissions may be charged depending on:

  •  the applicant's specific requests
  •  the Service(s) involved
  •  any disruptions or maintenance
  •  any temporary arrangements required such as fencing, coning, litter pick up

If you wish to film in North Ayrshire on land owned by the Council, please complete our:

filming request form

A member of the Corporate Communications Team will be in touch to discuss your request.