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Vacant & Derelict Land 

Vacant & Derelict Land Survey

North Ayrshire Council’s Economic Development and Regeneration Service maintains a register of Vacant and Derelict Land (VDL) as part of the annual Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey.

We visit, assess and record changes to sites greater than 0.1 hectare (1000m2) in size that have previously been developed but are now considered unused or damaged. We also add new sites which have fallen out of use since the previous year and remove others that have been developed or no longer meet the selection criteria.

The assessment is published in spreadsheet format each year by Scottish Government, alongside information submitted by other local authorities. To make the information more accessible to stakeholders and communities, an interactive online map has been created showing sites currently identified on the register, available to view via the StoryMap.

To help keep our records up to date, Regeneration Services continue to contact owners of Vacant and Derelict sites to understand their ambitions and intentions. Furthermore, information on timescales and any constraints or difficulties that have thus far prevented the development or sale of the site. This information is recorded to inform potential regeneration activity.

Any information or enquires can be submitted to regeneration@north-ayrshire.gov.uk

Vacant & Derelict Land Funding

The Vacant and Derelict Land Fund (VDLF) aims to tackle long-term vacant and derelict land in Scotland. Its objectives are:

  • to stimulate economic growth
  • create jobs
  • promote environmental justice and improved quality of life
  • to support communities to flourish and tackle inequalities

It is an element of the local government budget settlement, as agreed with Scottish Government.

The fund focuses on projects that promote innovation in both temporary and longer term greening techniques for vacant and derelict land sites.

North Ayrshire Council is currently one of five Local Authorities to receive a share of the fund from the Scottish Government and has done so since 2016/2017.

The Council’s Cabinet approves the expenditure of these funds on an annual basis.  This is subject to the submission and approval of a local delivery plan to the Scottish Government.

Cabinet Reports on Vacant and Derelict Land Funding;

Vacant & Derelict Land Strategy

The draft 2023 – 2027 Vacant and Derelict Land Strategy (PDF, 5.6mb) has been developed following stakeholder and local community consultation in 2022. The draft strategy proposes a number of themes and actions to address the issues of vacant and derelict land within our communities.

The Council is seeking feedback on the draft strategy, via an online questionnaire. The purpose of this consultation is to understand if the themes and actions identified address the aspirations or concerns communities and stakeholders have about Vacant and Derelict Land. A series of in person consultation events will also take place in the coming months, further details will be provided.

There are various VDL Strategy consultation events taking place between March and April 2023. 

The consultation will close on 23 April 2023.

An interactive Storymap is available that details the current sites that are registered by Scottish Government as vacant and derelict.

Please submit any questions to regeneration@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.

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