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Planning reviews and appeals

You have the right to request an appeal or review of a planning decision if:

  • you wish to challenge the decision made on your planning application, or
  • the decision has not been made within relevant timescale and you don't wish to have this extended.

Where a decision has been made, the route open to you, for an appeal or review, will be explained in your planning application decision notice.

A review can only be requested if it is served on the planning authority within 3 months of either:

  • the date of the decision notice 
  • the date of expiry of the 2 month period allowed for determining the application

There is no fee to make an appeal or review. 

Applications classed as 'major' or 'national' have the right of appeal to Scottish Ministers

Most applications are categorised as 'local' developments, where the right to request a review is by application to the council's Local Review Body

Planning decision review

You can request a review for a 'local' development application that has been delegated to an appointed officer for determination and your application has:

  • been refused by an appointed officer
  • been granted subject to conditions that you do not agree with
  • not been determined within the prescribed period (normally 2 months after validation date, unless an extension of time has been agreed) by the appointed officer

You can only seek a review on the following application types to which the review provisions relate:

  • applications for planning permission
  • applications for planning permission in principle
  • applications for approval of matters specified in conditions

Request a local review 

If your planning application was made online you can request a review through ePlanning .

Alternatively, download a Notice of Review form along with guidance and return the completed form to us at:

Committee Services
Cunninghame House
KA12 8EE

or by email to Committee Services.

Appealing a local review case

You may appeal to the Scottish Government if you sought a local review because a planning authority official didn't make a decision on your application within 2 months and the local review body subsequently fails to make a decision within the following 2 months.