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Street naming and numbering
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Street naming and numbering

In line with the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, the council has a statutory duty to, name streets and number properties in North Ayrshire.

This is to promote effective location information for service providers such as:

  • Royal Mail
  • the Emergency Services
  • infrastructure services such as gas, electric and telecommunications

We will:

  • select street names and numbering layouts for new developments
  • renumber properties and streets where problems are identified
  • liaise with the Royal Mail and local communities
  • inform a number of organisations about new addresses, or changes to existing ones

Please see our Street naming and numbering guide (303kb) for more information.

Request a new postal address

Contact us if you need a postal address for:

  • a new build property
  • a property created from a conversion, or sub-division, of an existing property.

We need the following information:

  • a contact address and telephone number
  • a site address for the development
  • a Planning or Building Warrant reference number

Building Standards normally issue a completion certificate to the official postal address, so the address is required before work is complete.

Large developments

Contact us, as soon as possible, for developments requiring one or more street name. It can take between 8 and 12 weeks to obtain an official postal address.

Street nameplates

Developers must erect street nameplates for new developments using our specifications (PDF, 20kb).

Missing, or damaged, street nameplates, can be reported online.

Postcodes and post towns

Royal Mail manages and issues all postcodes and post towns throughout the UK. If you have a problem with your postcode or post town contact Royal Mail.

Query your address

Contact the developer for the official postal address of a newly built property. Please note: addresses are normally only released once planning permission is finalised and building work has commenced.

We will be happy to help with any address issues that require an official change.

Property names

When choosing a new property name, it is important that it is unique to the area. Please contact us early in the development process to allow us to check the proposed name against existing registered names.

Renaming a property

Where your property has a number, you can give it a name without informing us. We advise that you display the number clearly on the property and use it on all correspondence.

If your house has no street number, you must contact us with details of your existing address and the proposed new house name.

Contact Street naming and numbering



01294 324319