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Search, view and track planning applications

Our planning register contains information on:

  • applications awaiting a decision
  • closed applications where a decision has been made

Online Planning Information System (OPIS)

Information relating to planning applications, in North Ayrshire, is published on OPIS. Anyone can use OPIS to search for, and view, planning applications without registering.

Register on OPIS

Registering is free and allows you to:


Search for planning applications, appeals and enforcements. Choose to search by property, street, postcode, reference number, and map.

Search OPIS

Save searches

Click the 'Save Search' button on the results page. Saved searches can be re-run automatically, notifying you by email of any new applications matching your criteria. These will appear in your notified application list.


Click the 'Track' button on the summary page. If the status of a tracked application changes, or a document is added, it will be added to your notified application list.