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Planning consultations, notifications and publicity

Pre-application consultation

Developers must consult with local communities before submitting a 'major' or 'national' development planning application. A proposal of application notice must be submitted to North Ayrshire Council, and relevant community councils. This must happen, at least 12 weeks, before submission of a planning application.

Applicants should consult with a list of bodies (PDF, 16kb) during pre-application. Not all will be appropriate in each case.

Applicants must report on the extent of their consultation.

The application then enters the normal notification process for 'local' developments.

Pre-application screening

To find out if your application is 'national' or 'major', submit a pre-application screening notice:  

We will respond within 21 working days of receipt.

Neighbour notification and publicity

'Local' developments don't need pre-application consultation, but enter the normal notification process involving:

  • notifying neighbours within 20 metres of the application site
  • advertisement in the local press if:
    • there are no neighbouring premises
    • it has not been possible to notify all owners and agricultural tenants
    • it relates to a bad neighbour development or the development is contrary to the Local Development Plan
    • the application affects conservation areas or listed buildings.

Make representations in support of, or against, a planning application. The period for making representations is 21 days from the date of the notice. 

Contact Planning




As staff are currently working from home, please leave a voicemail message. Make sure you leave your name and a contact telephone number. One of our team will then call you back as soon as possible. You should choose from one of the numbers below:

  • North Coast & Three Towns: 01294 324794 or 01294 324320
  • Isle of Arran: 01294 324316
  • Irvine, Kilwinning & Garnock Valley: 01294 324318 or 01294 324313


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