Adopted Local Development Plan

The development plan for North Ayrshire comprises the adopted Local Development Plan (LDP2) and the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4).

North Ayrshire Council adopted the current Local Development Plan on 28 November 2019. Scottish Ministers adopted National Planning Framework 4 on 13 February 2023.

The Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out how we aim to guide development and investment in our area over the next 20 years and includes:

  • Our spatial development strategy: the principles we will use to direct the right development to the right place.
  • Our placemaking policy: the key criteria that will allow us to deliver the six qualities of successful places.
  • Our strategic development areas and the key factors we will consider in developing these major areas of change

Detailed policies provide additional criteria and more detail about how we will consider proposals for specific uses or developments.

View an interactive map version of our new Local Development Plan. A Storymap presentation of the plan is also available for viewing. 

We have commenced the preparation of a new Local Development Plan.

Action Programme

Our Local Development Plan Action Programme sets out how both the policies and proposals of the Local Development Plan will be delivered.


This is North Ayrshire’s second Local Development Plan. Work on preparing LDP2 started in July 2016.  An examination of unresolved objections to the Proposed Plan was held between December 2018 and July 2019.  

Strategic Environmental Assessment

LDP2 has been subject of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): 

Environmental Report (PDF, 32.4mb)

Environmental Report summary (PDF, 623kb)

Strategic Environmental Assessment Update Note (PDF, 607kb)

Post Adoption Statement (PDF, 649kb)

Further assessments and background documents which informed the preparation of LDP2 can be found on our Other Planning Guidance page. 

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