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Development Plan Next Steps

The development plan for North Ayrshire comprises a single plan – the adopted Local Development Plan. This is North Ayrshire’s second Local Development Plan and was adopted on 28 November 2019. LDP2 has a vision that looks forward 20 years, plans for a 10-year period to 2029 and, under current planning legislation, needs to be replaced in five years’ time, by November 2024.

The Planning System in Scotland, however, is undergoing a substantial transformation, further details can be found online at Transforming Scotland

New planning legislation makes significant changes to the approach to preparing local development plans, with the aim of making them more effective, with greater community involvement and more focus on delivery.

Development Plan Scheme

In June 2020, the planning committee adopted our latest Development Plan Scheme (PDF, 938kb) setting out our programme for preparing our next Local Development Plan – LDP3 – and when, how and with whom consultation on the plan will take place, otherwise known as a Participation Statement.

Mailing List 

To receive updates on the development plan for North Ayrshire, including the preparation of LDP3 and future consultation events, email us your name, email address, and details of your interest.

Please refer to our Privacy Statement (PDF, 186kb) for further details on how we will look after your information. 

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