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Montgomerie Park Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ)

This SPZ scheme was adopted on Wednesday 4 December 2019.

Sale of Land at Montgomerie Park, Jan 2022

The SPZ land covering sites A & B of the Montgomerie Park 2015 masterplan were marketed for sale in January 2020. Following the marketing process, a preferred bidder was identified. Following Cabinet approval for the sale of the SPZ land in November 2021 the sale has now concluded to Bellway Homes.

The capital receipt from the sale will be used to support the North Ayrshire Council Capital Investment Programme as approved by Council on 4th March 2021.

SPZ Sales Brochure 2020

SPZ Submission – Bellway Homes

Bellway Homes submitted plans to satisfy the terms of the SPZ. Full detailed drawings proposed by Bellway under the SPZ scheme can be viewed on North Ayrshire Council Planning Portal using the reference 21/01071/SPZ. For ease a site layout is linked below:

Montgomerie Park, Irvine Site Plan - January 2022

The SPZ consent and conditions document (PDF, 4.52mb) contains links to policies and guidance, the concept masterplan and development conditions.

The SPZ information document (PDF, 252kb) contains background and legal information as well as:

  • pre-development
  • commencement
  • completion forms 

Please note: these forms are to be submitted to our Planning team at each stage of the build.

The following video provides a visualisation of what the proposed scheme could look like if the design complies with the SPZ Scheme:

Please note: In order to view the video on fullscreen please press the YouTube button at the bottom of the iPlayer.


To help contribute to the delivery of new homes we took part in a Scottish Government pilot to make a Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ) to deliver housing. North Ayrshire’s SPZ is unique in that it aims to deliver a major housing development (approximately 165 homes) by providing planning consent upfront, the first of its kind in Scotland.

The SPZ is located within an existing residential area in Irvine called Montgomerie Park and is currently owned by us.

Montgomerie Park has been allocated for residential development dating back to 1989 with a capacity for approximately 950 new homes. To date 481 homes have been delivered . With slow delivery and sales rates post-recession the SPZ seeks to reinvigorate the housing market and explore the use of SPZ's/Masterplan Consent Areas as a tool to kickstart housing delivery of this scale.

The SPZ Scheme

The aim of the Montgomerie Park SPZ is to provide a framework for delivery that allows developers flexibility and certainty whilst, through conditions, safeguarding amenity.

The Montgomerie Park SPZ is split into two sites (site A and B) covering a total of 14.5 acres (approx. 165 homes). Within these sites planning permission is granted upfront for residential development.

The SPZ Scheme works by providing a framework which guides development and place standards through a concept masterplan and development conditions to deliver a high quality place. If developers comply with the parameters and conditions of the SPZ Scheme they do not need to apply for planning permission.


A six week deposit consultation ran from the 14 August 2019 until the 25 September 2019. 21 representations were received to the Scheme. A small number of non-material modifications were made to the Scheme to take account of comments made.

The proposed SPZ Scheme was subsequently approved by the Planning Committee on the 2 October 2019.

View a list of the non-material modifications (PDF, 105kb) made for the SPZ Scheme and our Statement of Decisions (PDF, 148kb) 

Once the 28 day period for consideration by the Scottish Minsters has passed (16 October 2019 to 13 November 2019) the Montgomerie Park SPZ Scheme will be adopted, unless a direction is served within this period.

Update: The 28-day period for consideration was extended until the 27th of November 2019. The Minsters have now confirmed they will not be calling in or issuing a direction against the SPZ. As such, North Ayrshire Council subsequently adopted the Montgomerie Park Simplified Planning Zone Scheme on the 4th December 2019.

More Information

For further information on the SPZ please contact Joanna Glacken at the Strategic Planning Team.

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