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No statutory planning guidance 

The following planning guidance has been prepared to support the preparation and assessment of planning applications for certain types of development proposals:

  • Advertisements
  • Housing in the Countryside (2021)
  • Kirkton design brief (updated 2022) - Planning permission for plots at Golf Road, Millport was granted subject to new houses complying with this design brief.
  • Landscape Wind Capacity Study (2018) - This study provides guidance on the constraints and opportunities for wind energy development, including repowering existing wind farms using larger wind turbines, within North Ayrshire, based on the landscape and visual sensitivity of individual landscape character types and potential cumulative issues associated with operational and consented wind farm developments.
  • Seascape/Landscape Assessment of the Firth of Clyde
  • Shopfronts (2016)
  • Tree and Development (2015)
  • Windows in Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas
  • Waste recycling within new developments (2021)

Please contact the Strategic Planning Team to obtain a copy of any of these documents.

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