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Memorials in cemeteries  

The right to erect a memorial is provided as part of the purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial. Anyone who purchases a lair is entitled to a memorial of their choice. There is no requirement to erect a memorial, or headstone, at a lair if you do not wish to do so.

Before the memorial is erected, permission is needed from the council. This is obtained by the memorial mason.

All memorial works carried out within North Ayrshire Council cemeteries must be by stonemasons or monumental sculptors registered under the British Register of Accredited Monumental Masons (BRAMM).


Memorials must be constructed of natural stone or terrazzo and must not contain any wood, plastic or glass. 

North Ayrshire Council has a legal responsibility to approve all inscriptions.

We do not permit:

  • wooden crosses
  • copes
  • railings
  • fences
  • gravel
  • corner stones

Planting is allowed, at the head of the lair, with prior permission from the council. 

Floral tributes

Funeral flowers, that are placed on a grave, are removed 3 weeks after interment. They may be left for a further week if they remain sightly.

Memorial Wreaths may be removed at our discretion.

Memorial areas

There are no areas for memorial plaques, or trees, in any of our cemeteries.

Plaques may only be placed on an existing grave.

Trees may only be planted on woodland area graves.

Memorial inspection programme

The council has an overall responsibility for safety within its burial grounds. We carry out inspections of all memorials in our cemeteries and churchyards.

Memorials failing the safety inspection will be stickered to ensure that visitors are aware it is unsafe. We may stake & tie, or lay flat, the memorial if it is considered a significant risk. We keep a record of the reasons for failed inspections.

If you wish to have a memorial repaired, you should contact a certified memorial mason. 

Alternatively, to have your memorial permanently made safe, depending on the condition and size of memorial, we can lay it flat or fix it into the ground (a third of the stone will be below ground). This is free of charge. 

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