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Apply for a copy of a certificate

Birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificates

As long as the event took place in Scotland, you can apply online, over the telephone or in person to any of our registration offices for a copy of a birth, death, marriage (from 1855 until last year) or civil partnership certificate (from December 2005 until last year).

Certificates for events in this year must be issued from the local authority where the event was registered.

Types of certificates

  • short (or abbreviated) certificate - shows minimal information
  • long (or full) certificate - shows exactly what is recorded on the register page. 

Who can apply?

Birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificates are public documents. Anyone can apply for a copy without restriction.

Apply for a copy certificate

Requests can be made:

  • online
  • over the phone
  • in person

Requests will be processed within 5 working days. The copy certificate will be sent by 2nd class post.

Contact Bereavement Services for copies of lair certificates.

You will need to provide

Have the following information to hand:

  • full name of the person(s) including surname at birth
  • date of the event
  • where the event took place

Fees for certificates in Scotland

  • Extract requested where you have the abbreviated certificate: £10
  • Extract requested up to 1 month after event was registered: £10
  • Thereafter: £15 

If postage is required, this will be calculated for you and the total cost will be given to you by a member of the Registration Team.

Request an extract

Adopted birth certificates

Only the adopted individual may request a copy of their adopted birth certificate from National Records of Scotland.

Stillbirth certificate

Apply to National Records of Scotland for a copy of a still birth certificate.

Other countries

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