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Lair certificate

A lair certificate cannot be issued to anyone other than the title holder.

The title holder can contact us to request a new certificate. There is a fee for this.

Title holders should contact us to advise of any change of details (name or address) so that we can arrange an amendment and reissue the certificate.

Transfer lair ownership

If the title holder is deceased, we need to establish who the rightful owner is. Transferring ownership is a legal process. We must document the circumstances of transfer, which are signed and witnessed by either:

  • a councillor
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Notary Public

Please complete the following form to make an enquiry about transferring ownership of a lair. 

Apply to transfer burial rights

Relinquish unused grave

If you wish to sell the Exclusive Right of Burial for a lair which has not been used for burial back to the council, you will need the original lair certificate. We will refund the amount paid at the time of purchase. Contact us to arrange this.

Please note: it is an offence to sell the exclusive Right of Burial for a lair to anyone other than the council.