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Arrange a burial

Burials are normally arranged by contacting a funeral director, though can be arranged independently by contacting us. 

In some circumstances we may arrange a funeral where no one else else has made suitable arrangements. Our Local Authority Funerals page provides more information. 

Buying a lair

Under Scottish Law, when you buy a lair you buy the Exclusive Right of Burial in the lair. This means that you do not own the land but have bought the right to be buried there. This includes the right to erect a memorial. The land stays in the ownership of the burial authority or council. These rights are sold in perpetuity and may be transferred at any time.

You can only purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial from us when arranging a burial or interment of ashes. We have a policy of no pre-purchasing.

Types of lair

Our cemeteries offer the following services:

Full burial lair (FB)

A full burial is available in our operational cemeteries. These lairs can accommodate up to 3 coffins, as well as up to 6 caskets of cremated ashes. This is described as a new lair or grave and locations are selected by cemetery staff.

Sometimes the capacity of a lair can be limited due to reasons such as rock, ground conditions, previous burials, or drainage. The owner of the lair would be advised of this, through the funeral director, prior to the burial taking place.

Gardens of Remembrance (CR)

Gardens of Remembrance for cremated remains are located in Knadgerhill - Irvine, Ardrossan, Largs Brisbane Glen, Millport and High Road - Stevenston.

Interments are restricted to cremated remains, for up to 6 caskets. Caskets should be of a biodegradable material. 

The right to erect a memorials is provided, however memorials are restricted in size.

Cremated remains lair

If there is no Garden of Remembrance in the chosen cemetery, cremated remains lairs are allocated within the cemetery, dependent on ground conditions. Most North Ayrshire cemeteries can accommodate a cremated remains lair.

A cremated remains lair carries the same Exclusive Rights of Burial as a full burial lair but with the exception that interments are restricted to cremated remains. 

These lairs can accommodate up to 6 caskets of cremated remains. The caskets should be of a biodegradable material.

The right to erect a memorial is provided, however the size may be restricted dependent on location.

Memorial gardens for babies (B)

We have special areas for baby burials in Largs Brisbane Glen, Ardrossan, Kilbirnie and Knadgerhill. There are 2 options available - a private baby lair or a shared baby lair. A private lair allows you to erect a small memorial and will usually accommodate 2 baby interments and up to 4 cremation caskets. 

The shared lair is provided in a dedicated area where you are able to have your baby buried in a lair shared with other babies. In this setting there is no opportunity to include the cremated remains of other adult family members at a later date. This area is maintained as an open lawn area so there is no option of a memorial, however if you wish your baby's name recorded on a central memorial, this can be arranged.

There is no fee for the interment of your baby or their cremated remains. There is also no fee for the purchase of the Right of Burial however there will be costs involved for a memorial and the subsequent burial of cremated remains. 

Woodland (W)

This is a grave opened for 1 burial after which a tree is planted on the grave. No headstone or memorial is permitted. Wild flowers may be planted on the lair. Coffins can be made of wicker, willow, cardboard or recycled paper.

Arrange a private interment

Contact us to arrange a private interment, or scattering of cremated remains in a lair.

We will need a copy of the cremation certificate and the lair details.

Scattering of cremated remains

This is normally carried out by cemetery staff. Turf is removed from the grave, the ashes are scattered on the soil and the turf is relaid.

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