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Variation of premises licence

Before you apply

You should check:

You should also view our Licencing Board page for information on the Board's Policies and Standard Conditions as well as other statutory information under the legislation.

Do I need a variation application?

You need a variation application if you're proposing to change or delete any of the following licence details:

  • licence conditions
  • information contained within the operating plan
  • information contained or referred to in the licence
  • layout plan

A variation application must be accompanied by the original Premises Licence or a statement of the reasons for failure to produce the licence.

What sort of variation do I need?

There are two main kinds of variation:

  • minor variation
  • standard variation

Minor variations

The term minor variation is set by legislation. It is not asking whether the change would be "minor" in ordinary language.

Minor variations:

  • can be granted quickly, without a board hearing
  • are cheaper (£20 or £31 depending on what you want)

An example of a minor variation is where you have to amend the Premises Licence to substitute a new premises manager. You may want the variation to have immediate effect, which costs £31.

In the legislation, minor variation means:

  • variation which increases restrictions of the terms of entry to under 18s
  • variation of licence information regarding the premises manager
  • reduction to licensed hours or capacity
  • variation of the layout plan that doesn’t result in inconsistency with the current operating plan

A proposal to increase the capacity, resulting in an inconsistency with the Operating Plan would constitute a standard variation. 

For on-sales premises this means a proposal to increase the number of customers.  For off-sales premises this means a proposal to increase the off-sales display capacity. 

Standard variations

A standard variation is any other variation other than a minor variation.

Standard variations:

  • can only be granted after a board hearing
  • are subject to the same procedures for a Premises Licence application
  • have the same fee as the annual fee

Examples of a standard variation might be:

  • adding an outdoor drinking area
  • varying or removing licence conditions (although some of these are based on legislation and can't be changed by the board). 

How to apply

If the only change you propose is to appoint a new Premises Manager use the following form:

Apply to appoint a new Premises Manager

To request any other change(s) to your current Premises Licence, use the application form below:

If the proposal is for a mixture of minor and standard variations, it is a good idea to include all the changes requested in a single application form meaning only one fee is required.

If you are asking for a standard variation, please be aware of and refer to the scheduled Licensing Board dates.

What happens next

This depends on whether your application is for a minor variation or a standard variation. For standard variations, your application will be advertised here for 21 days to allow the public to make any objections or representations. Thereafter, the application will be allocated to the Licensing Board for their consideration.  Minor variations will be determined under delegated powers.

You must send back the original Premises Licence, or give the board a written statement of the reasons for failing to produce it.

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