Gambling premises licence

This licence is needed for the use of Premises for any sort of gaming and gambling on their premises, for example:

  • casinos
  • bingo premises
  • betting premises (including tracks)
  • adult gaming centres
  • family entertainment centres

The Gambling Act 2005 controls gambling licensing in the UK. This is completely different from the legislation for the sale of Alcohol (the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 - which also has a Premises Licence).

How to apply

Contact us to find out how to apply and for fees.

The legislation setting the procedures for applying, the forms and fees is complicated and you are strongly recommended to take independent legal advice before applying.

What happens next?

We will arrange to carry out an inspection on your premises to make sure they meet the required standards.

Your application will also be advertised on this website to allow members of the public to make any objections or representations.

More information

Our Statement of Principles (PDF, 226kb) is effective from 4 February 2019, under Gambling Act 2005 Section 349. The Board is the Licensing Authority for the purposes of the Act and is required to adopt and publish a Statement of Principles reflecting its views on the policies which should be taken into account in exercising any function under the Act.

For more information visit the Gambling Commission website.

Please note: We follow National Fraud Initiative guidelines to protect against fraud.

Contact Licensing



01294 324305

Please note: this telephone line is not currently in use however, Licensing staff are able to phone customers who request a call. Requests can be made either via the Contact Centre (01294 310000) or by emailing the Licensing email address detailed above.


Licensing Section, Legal Services, North Ayrshire Council, Cunninghame House, Irvine, KA12 8EE