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Provisional premises licence

A Provisional Premises Licence (PPL) is for an alcohol business where the premises are still under construction or conversion.

How to apply

Before you apply please read our Premises Licence guidance notes (Word, 213kb). These notes explain how to complete the application and the policies and legislation surrounding this licence. We strongly recommend you obtain proper professional advice before applying.

Complete and return a Provisional Premises Licence Application (Word, 49kb).

Your application must also include the following documents:

  • Operating Plan (Word, 69kb) – how the premises will operate
  • Layout Plan – 7 copies of the physical layout of the premises
  • a Provisional Planning Certificate

Please note: you cannot trade until your PPL is Confirmed - it is not enough to have a Board decision granting the PPL initially. Find out how to confirm your PPL below.


There are 3 fees for this licence:

  1. Your initial application fee is £200. If your application is refused the fee is not refunded or reduced.
  2. After the PPL is granted, you must pay an annual fee.
  3. When you later apply for Confirmation (which must be granted before you start trading), you pay a fee based on the Rateable Value of the premises minus the initial fee you have already paid. At that time, the fee is related to your Rateable Value.

What happens next?

Once we’ve accepted your application, details will be entered onto the Licensing Register kept by the Licensing Board. Your application will be considered at a Licensing Board Meeting.

We will consult with Police Scotland, the Health Board, the Community Council and council departments, and notify neighbours within 4 metres of the proposed premises. Your application will also be advertised on this website for 21 days to allow members of the public to make any objections or representations.

Confirm your Provisional Premises Licence

Your Provisional Premises Licence (PPL) will not come into effect until it is Confirmed. Confirmation only affects the Alcohol licence. You might need other consents, such as Planning Permission, or a Completion Certificate or Temporary Occupation Certificate as well.

A PPL lasts 4 years. If there is no decision to Confirm in that time, the PPL will lapse. The original decision to grant the PPL is made by the Board after a Hearing, but the later decision to Confirm the PPL is usually made by the Clerk to the Board, without a Hearing.

The Clerk can only make a Confirmation decision if either:

  • no differences between the proposals initially approved by the Board and the final state of the Premises
  • any differences are only 'Minor Variations'

'Minor' has a limited meaning set by the legislation, so a change which might be called 'minor' in ordinary conversation might not be classed as a 'Minor Variation'. If the change is not a 'Minor Variation', the decision to Confirm can only be taken by the Board. This means that the opening of your Premises will be delayed until after the next Board Meeting. Contact us to find out more.

You can ask the Board for an extension of the 4 year period, but that application must be lodged in time for a Board Meeting before the 4 years expire.

Apply for Confirmation of Provisional Premises Licence (Word, 68kb).

View North Ayrshire Licensing Board Agendas and Minutes. Please note: We follow National Fraud Initiative guidelines to protect against fraud.

Contact Licensing




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Please note: this telephone line is not currently in use however, Licensing staff are able to phone customers who request a call. Requests can be made either via the Contact Centre (01294 310000) or by emailing the Licensing email address detailed above.


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